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What does Youth Ministry look like at Fairview Church?

We have a 3-fold vision centered around 7 core values.


Seeking. Serving. Sending.

1.    Seeking the youth in our community for the purpose of inducting them into the family of God. This is done primarily through intentional conversation and outreach. We wish to show the world that what Jesus has to offer is better and richer than anything found within this broken world.

2.    Serving the youth whom God has given to us through discipleship and training to actively participate in the church’s mission of establishing God’s kingdom through the proclamation of the gospel. We also train our youth to wear the armor of God so as to protect themselves from the evil one.

3.    Sending our youth out into the world to be lights for the kingdom of Christ. We acknowledge that no youth ministry intends keep their youth either in the same ministry past a proper age as well as to keep them at a stagnant pace of spiritual growth. We therefore exist primarily for this, to send our youth into the kingdom for the glory of Christ. 

Core Values

1.    Word Grounded. Any ministry that is done within the local church must be centered directly upon the word of God as we seek to understand, implement, and allow it to transform us from one degree of glory to another. We believe that the word of God is relevant for all people and all generations (1 Peter 1:25) and will accomplish the mission that it was purposed for (Isa. 55:11), to allow humanity to encounter God through His Word (1 Sam. 3:21). We therefore seek to teach the word of God above all with everything else secondary.

2.    Spirit Empowered. We recognize that there is no work of the church that succeeds without the power of the Spirit of God. For we as believers in Christ, recognize that we are indwelt with the same Holy Spirit who empowered the church in its origination in Acts 2:4, who empowered Old Testament Saints (Num. 27:18, Ezekiel 2:2, Gen. 2:7) and who continues the work of Christ through the continual teaching of Jesus (John 16:13). We accept that it Is the power of the Spirit to transform the lives of sinners so as to save them through the gospel of Christ (2 Cor. 4:6). We continue to rely on the Spirit’s power today to work for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom on earth. We therefore seek the power of the Spirit.

3.    Gospel Driven. Our ministry seeks to promote one thing, Christ and Him crucified (1 Cor. 2:2), that is the story of the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16-17). Our primary purpose, as stated earlier, to promote God’s kingdom by multiplying devoted followers of Jesus, which is only done through the proclamation of the gospel. We desire our youth ministry to teach one thing, the gospel, that saved us and continues to save us until we are glorified. We therefore seek to proclaim the work of God in the gospel, with everything else secondary.

4.    God Glorifying. Our reason for doing ministry is set on one sole purpose, to glorify God. Our ministry in training kids finds its place only in realizing it's place within the glorification of God. For just as God has always acted for the sake of His own name (Ps. 23:3, 25:11, 31:3, Josh. 7:9, Ezek. 20:44), so also should our lives be.

5.    Family Focused. Student ministry must recognize the proper place within its aim to disciple youth, we are secondary to the role of parents within the training process of our youth. Therefore, while we do our best to teach, mentor, and advise the flock that God has entrusted to us, we do not seek to replace parents and their responsibility (Prov. 22:6) but rather empower them. We therefore seek to encourage, pray for and inform these parents as best we could so as to promote the family within the Christian setting. For those who do not have parents or whose parents do not know the Lord, we seek to be spiritual leaders, as best we could, to take partial responsibility within the responsibility of normal parents.

6.    Discipleship Directed. The Bible demands that Christians must walk within a community of believers (Heb. 10:25). Our mission then is to walk alongside our youth and live life together for the purpose of greater godliness. We seek to align our leaders alongside each student to teach, pray for, encourage, correct, mature, and train them for the purposes of Gospel Living.

7.    Missional Moving. Our ministry and time spent with our students is temporal, but our mission is not. We seek to cultivate a mindset within our students to leave us with a purpose to serve the mission of God for the rest of their lives. God calls each of us to missions, and our job to implant this desire within our students as well as to help them find what God's mission for them might be.

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